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Rita, Italy, May 2016
MAria Aviles / June 8, 2016

Rita, Italy, May 2016
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My name is Rita and I come from Sardinia. I´ve been in Malta for 8 weeks, and I´m leaving the 4th of June. I decided to come here because I want to improve my English for personal satisfaction, school and job. So I chose Malta because I found a good relation between price and quality. am Language is a good school to learn English , there are good teachers and a perfect atmosphere. I feel my teacher Tessa is like a friend, she´s very friendly and she takes care of her students. I´m living in the school accommodation, in a share apartment. In my opinion is the perfect place to coexist with another students from different countries, I like my room because it´s so sunny. About school activities, I enjoyed too much with every leader. With one of them I have a strong relation beaus she is not only my roommate, but my big friend. Malta has a very beautiful landscape and paradise beaches where you can enjoy a lot. I think that in Malta I have a good opportunity. Thanks so much!!