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Riki Yokoyama, Japan, December 2020
MAria Aviles / December 10, 2020

Riki Yokoyama, Japan, December 2020
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Hi! My name is Riki Yokoyama and I’m from Japan. I stayed 3 weeks in Malta. The reason why I choose AM Language Studio is a friend of mine recommended to me because there are only a few Japanese and I had been seeking the environment where I always use English. I started as intermediate level and finished as upper intermediate. My intermediate teacher was Sian and she told us her own story everyday with a little native like speed English which was helpful to get accustomed to catching the detail in English. Another teacher was John. He gave us enough opportunity to speak and discuss with other students. Also, he taught us a culture or places where we should go in Malta. My upper intermediate teacher was Lucy. Although upper intermediate’s grammar is more difficult than intermediate, she taught us patiently until all of us completely understood. For me, vocabulary was the most challenging skill during my studies. Talking to people who are from different culture was the most enjoyable thing about my class. They said something interesting that I’d never thought about. I got on with my classmates even though that was the first time for me to talk to someone from different countries. I had decided that I would make many friends, so I just spoke to them. Lessons that I learned from other students are 1, don’t be afraid showing myself to other people. 2, always be positive! And I also studied at home when there was a homework. My most memorable experience in Malta was the beautiful ocean! Wherever I go there is always an ocean! As a school activity I went to the Coral Lagoon and I jumped! I dived with another man who I met for the first time there and absolutely that was the most memorable experience in Malta. I want to give some advise for students who want to learn English. First, don’t be afraid of making mistakes because everyone around you is learning English like you. Second, speak speak speak!  You cannot speak confidently if you don’t practice even if you have a great grammar skill. Lastly, enjoy with your learning!! Don’t study alone.