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Rafaella, Brazil, January 2016
MAria Aviles / February 16, 2016

Rafaella, Brazil, January 2016
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Hi! I am Rafaella from Brazil I have been studying in AM Language for two months. I chose Malta because many friends told me about the weather and how good it is to live in Malta.

I started in the pre intermadite level. My class was wonderful. Every day I was learning more and improving my English. My teachers were Seema and Michelle, with their own way, helped me a lot during my time in Malta..

After two months I can see how my English has improved in all aspects, specially about speaking.

In Malta I learned not only English, but I had the pleasure of meeting wonderful people from all the world.

I´m completely grateful to all people who helped me during my time in Malta, specially my roommate Carol, my favourite leader Amparo, my classmate Patrizia and my teacher Seema. Thanks for all the adventures, learning and care. I can´t forget all the team at Am Language School, thanks for the patience and encouragement throughout this time.

The island of Malta, is an amazing place that the school offers. Every day I discover new things and histories here. The joyful and good moments I lived here helped me overcome my fears and difficultes and made me a better person.


Thank you!