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Quentin, France, May 2017
MAria Aviles / June 8, 2017

Quentin, France, May 2017
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My Name is Quentin Denis, I come from Paris, France. I studied at AM Language Studio during 2 months. I choose AM Language to do my English course because for me the prices were much more attractive than others school, and I think the quality is the same. I started in Elementary and now I’m Pre-Intermediate (But I think I should have changed rather to try to pass in Intermediate). My first teacher was Philip in Elementary, it was a good person, very kindly and very cool, he is the best teacher when you just arrive in Malta. After I’ve had Kyle just for 1 week, it’s a really good teacher and his lesson was very interesting. And after, during 3 weeks, I’ve had Tracy, I learned a lot with her and my English level improve because of her lesson, she always helped me. For me, the most challenging was the grammar and some words of vocabulary. I enjoy speaking with the others students in the classroom, it’s very interesting to improve English. For me it’s better to work all together than alone. I Love all of my classmates ! They are the best and I thank them enormously for their help. I studied at home, because for me English language is very important for my future and to communicate with all the world.  My most memorable experience was Comino. I never saw something more beautiful than this place ! Cafe del Mar too, it’s the best place to relax in the afternoon. And also Paceville ! THE PLACE to make friendships and to meet a lot of people, and to drink…but be careful ! Come here without hesitation ! It was the best choice in my life and also my best experience. The people are great and you never have time to get bored. Thank you for all AM Language, thanks to you I come out of this experience more mature. Long life at your sign.