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Piero, Italy, August 2020
MAria Aviles / August 27, 2020

Piero, Italy, August 2020
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My name is Piero and I’m from Italy. I’ve studied for a month and half at AM Language school.The reason I chose this school is because It was well priced and the activities are well organized.
When I started studying at school, my level was Intermediate but now I’m Upper Intermediate! My teacher is Michelle. She is very kind and funny. I’ve improved, and particularly, my use of verb tenses. I was trying to talk to other students in order to improve my English speaking in classes or out of school. It allowed me to learn about other cultures at the same time.
After lessons, I did my homework that the teacher gave me. It was very useful. My most memorable experience in Malta was camping in Comino, but in general all the activities were amazing. I really enjoyed it a lot! In addition, It is a good opportunity to make friends! Lastly, I’d like to recommend to everyone who wants to learn English, “Never give up and Never be shy!”