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Patricia Castellano Garcia, Spain, July 2021
MAria Aviles / August 26, 2021

Patricia Castellano Garcia, Spain, July 2021
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Hey! I am Patricia from Spain, more specifically from a city called Caceres in the region of Extremadura. I have studied for 2,5 months at AM Language studio. I chose the school because my agency told me about the good reputation of this school. This was an important factor since I was going to make a big investment of money. I preferred to do it well rather than regret it later, and I liked the multiculturalism among the students, the range of activities as offers and of course the good location.

I started at an intermediate level although I didn’t have that level, and although I still don’t have it, I am happy and satisfied with the evolution that I perceive. My teacher is Sandro. I feel very lucky to have met him because you can tell that he really loves teaching, and I say this because I have just finished my studies to become a primary school teacher. I like the fact that Sandro makes the classes very enjoyable. He uses a lot of materials, not just the book, and above all, I like the topics he talks about which are very current and interesting.

The most challenging skill during my studies was speaking. Speaking skill is certainly the most important for me because in my country I can study grammar, but… I still have study, but before coming to Malta I was unable to hold a conversation, and now I can communicate perfectly (with many mistakes, but I can make myself understood). In my class, without a doubt, talking about current topics that we find in society and listening to the different opinions of my classmates, certainly makes you aware of the social differences between certain countries and continents. I personally find it very enriching, and if you add to this that you do it in English…I hope AM will always keep this in mind and always try to have the widest variety of students in their classes.

I also studied at home. I think that like everything you study in this life, if the only time you dedicate to it is going to class, your learning will be slow and worse, review at home what you have seen in class, read newspapers, books or magazines in English, watch films and series in the original version, meet new people to speak English with etc. There are thousands ways to accompany school education, and it is necessary to do so, just choose the ones that are best for you!

I really enjoyed a lot of experiences and I had a lot of good moments and I hope I will have even more. I would say that the craziest thing I have done so far, and that will be a great anecdote, is camping in Santa Maria Bay (Comino island) without camping equipment.