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Ozge, Turkey, April 2016
MAria Aviles / May 5, 2016

Ozge, Turkey, April 2016
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Hello. I am Ozge and I am from Turkey. I have been in Malta for 5 months. I am learning English to improve myself. I started to study at Elementary level and my level is Intermediate now. I had a lot of teachers at am Language Studio but first of all I am really thankfull to a few teachers who are the best at am language Studio .Wayne Zammit ,Seema Swamy Prasad and Lisa Scerri, I will never forget them .When I came to Malta ,I couldn’t speak English at all. The reasons were shyness and fear. I had a phobia about English. Although I thought I will never learn English finally I have achieved the aim of my staying here in English thanks to am Language Studio.There are still many things in order to learn English very well but I can do this now.I also met a lot of people that I will never forget in my life. I gained so many good experiences which I will use for my future.I want to say thank you for everything to everybody at the end of the my testimonial .When I go back to Turkey ,I will miss everything and everyone a lot.