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Özde, Turkey, November 2017
MAria Aviles / November 2, 2017

Özde, Turkey, November 2017
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Hello guys, I am Özde and I am from Turkey. I have been studying at am Language for two months now. I chose am Language because the school has a lot of activities and the education is also good.

The most challenging during my course is the speaking, grammar and listening part. Sometimes it is hard but it is also fun because the teachers are funny. I enjoyed that the most about my lessons.

I like to spend time with my classmates. They are fun and I learn a lot of things from them. I also get to know their culture and I like that. I have met many new people during this experience and because of that, I have gain more friends now.

I do not study at home. I prefer to spend my time outside with my friends. I want to explore Malta and enjoy my time here. My most memorable experience in Malta are the activities Notte Bianca and Café del Mar. Notte Bianca was a different experience for me and view from Café del Mar is wonderful.

My advice for the new students from am Language is to join the activities because you can meet many people. I would also advise them to only speak English instead of speaking in your own language. Your English will only improve by practice it non-stop.