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Niccolo, Italy, February 2016
MAria Aviles / March 8, 2016

Niccolo, Italy, February 2016
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Hi, I’m Niccolò and I come from Italy. I have studied for three months in am language studio. I chose this school for its reviews on the internet. I started in pre-intermediate level but I now want to level up. My first teacher was Wayne, he is my favourite teacher: I like how he teaches and how he helps us to improve our English and how friendly he is. I found most challenging speaking with the teacher and the friends to improve the language. I really like the study method through electric whiteboard. I can define my classmates as unique and nice people . I learned a lot from them, especially the traditions of their countries and their passions. Every time I go home after school I start to study English in the afternoon to improve myself and I talk with other students.

My most beautiful experience from Malta is that I had known spectacular people like Sacha , a girl who makes unique and unforgettable evenings , and many students that are happy to be here. I am fascinated by Malta for its history and its splendour. I recommend for those who want to learn English not to be shy and isolated but to meet a lot of people and hang out as much as possible so you can improve yourself.

Have fun and study by Niccolò!