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Natalia, Moldova, November 2017
MAria Aviles / November 17, 2017

Natalia, Moldova, November 2017
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My name is Natalia. I was born in Moldova but I have been living in Italy for 6 years.

I booked for a general course for 8 weeks. I have always wanted to visit Malta. The information about English courses on the am Language’s website really attracted me and for this reason, I chose this school. I started at the intermediate level. My teacher’s name is Tessa. I like her because she has experience in teaching English and her lessons are very easy to follow.

The speaking part was the most challenging part for me during my English course. I never had the opportunity to speak before I came here. At the beginning, it was a little bit difficult, but after a few days, I gain more self-confidence.  I noticed that the lessons were actually working.

I really liked it when we were studying together during the lessons. Sometimes we had to work in pairs and that was really working for me.

My classmates are very kind. It is a good thing that we have the same level, that gives us the chance to help each other and to share our knowledge.

I also studied at home because my teacher gave us homework. Besides studying, I also went out with my friends. We visit the highlights from Sliema and we also joined some activities from the school. I’m very happy to be here because I love Malta. I don’t regret my choice.

Am Language school offers to those who want to improve their English a multi-cultural environment. The teachers are very professional and they have a lot of experience as a teacher. You will also get to know a wonderful country.