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Natalia, Colombia, April 2021
MAria Aviles / May 4, 2021

Natalia, Colombia, April 2021
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My name is  Natalia and I’m from Colombia.

I’ve been studying at AM Language school for almost three months.  I started in Upper Intermediate and I’m still at the same level.  My teacher is Michelle and what I like about her is the dynamic in class and her understanding and patience with all the students, making sure that everyone understands what she is explaining. For me the hardest thing to learn is grammar.  I enjoyed the chance to talk with people from other countries and to hear their accents.  I think it is really good to share time with my classmates and I certainly made some friends. Sometimes I study at home and try to improve my listening, watching movies, series or just listening to some music in English. And finally, my most memorable experience in Malta was that I got the opportunity to practice and get a better understanding of the English language and make some friends at the same time.