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Nanami, Japan, January 2024
MAria Aviles / February 13, 2024

Nanami, Japan, January 2024
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I’m Nanami Omigawa and I’m from Chiba, Japan.

I have been in Malta since tow weeks and I’m will study here for two months for improve my speaking English.

I started with the elementary course and am still on that level. I would like to move up to the pre-intermediate level eventually.

My teacher is Branco and I like his lesson very much because he explains things in a way that is easy to understand. He was very encouraging on the first day of class when things didn’t go well.

I enjoy the time I spend talking with my classmates about own country. I always discover something new. However, I feel that communicating my opinions to others is the most difficult thing for me right now.

My most memorable experience in Malta is carnival in Valletta because there are no carnival events in Japan. It was great fun to see people dressed up in costumes.

I think it is important to actively participate in class and talk to others without fear of failure in order to improve your English.

English level: A2