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Muhammet Siyar Ulug, Turkey, January 2021
MAria Aviles / January 18, 2021

Muhammet Siyar Ulug, Turkey, January 2021
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Hello my name is Muhammet Siyar Ulug and I’m from Turkey.
I have been studying for 3 months with AM Language.
In my opinion AM Language is the best school!
When I first came here, my level was Elementary but now I’m in Pre-Intermediate.
My teacher is Christine Grech, she’s a very good teacher and I’m sure she enjoyed teaching us.
My biggest challenge in the class was speaking,  that challenged me the most, but now I’m much better than before.
The most I enjoyed here is our activities with our classmates.
I learnt a lot of things from them, they are very kind and good people.
I also study at home and every second you’re in Malta is like an English lesson.
My most memorable experience was the activities of AM Language. If you like to travel like me, there are many places to visit here.
If you want to study abroad, you should definitely include Malta and especially AM Language in your choice.