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Muhammed Ergin, Turkey, August 2021
MAria Aviles / August 26, 2021

Muhammed Ergin, Turkey, August 2021
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Hi, my name is Muhammed and I’m from Istanbul, Turkey. I am a psychologist by profession. I am here at AM Language for 16 Weeks in order to improve my English skills. I started out at pre-intermediate level but was able to move up to intermediate. In both levels I had Mandy as teacher, and she was really nice.

I later joined the IELTS Exam course because my goal is to pass their Exam. In my class are a lot of amazing students from all around the world! The teacher there is Seema, and she is amazing! She really takes care of us and focuses on improving our weaknesses. Especially when we moved online, she did a great job and managed it really well. She always makes sure to assist us and to keep us focused on our targets. In our class we help each other out which really helped me improve my writing and speaking skills.

I chose AM Language for its price performance. I really recommend all (potential) students to consider AM if you really want to learn something and want to be challenged. Malta is an amazing country as well and you can meet a lot of friendly and supportive students. Join the best school and enjoy an unforgettable experience! Best wishes to everyone.