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Mohamed, Morocco,November 2018
MAria Aviles / October 29, 2018

Mohamed, Morocco,November 2018
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Hello, my name is Mohamed and I’m from Morocco. I have been studying at am Language Studio for two weeks and I still have two more weeks left, and now I realized that is really short time. Time passes here so fast and I’d like to stay longer! I will come again for sure. I choose Malta and am Language because I think that an island full of foreign people is the best way to practise English and I’m very happy for having chosen this school.I attended the school for two weeks in the IELTS preparation course, my teacher Sandro is like a friend. Lessons were never boring because of this awesome teacher as he is always making us smile and I improved my English more than I expected. I’d like to thank the teacher for his precious effort to enhance my academic English, and I appreciate his efforts, he is the best teacher I have ever had!. During the class, we worked on everything we needed to pass, for example grammar and vocabulary, reading, listening and speaking which were the most challenging part for me. I think I am more fluent than I started, and now using my new vocabulary. I really enjoyed speaking about many different subjects: food, sports, politics…. Moreover history of Malta. Also, because my classmates, I learnt so much about them through team-activities and I loved the way everyone collaborated with each other to overcome the challenging skills. I always did my homework at home so I could also practice English when I finished lessons at school. My most memorable experience in Malta was during my trip to the island of Gozo with all the new students from the school because we could see this great island, also I like the nightlife in Malta. I’ve made some good memories in Paceville as well, and especially I will never forget the Welcome Parties in which I had a lot of fun. My flatmates and neighbours were really friendly, also all social coordinators were helpful, kind and they were always smiling. Last but not least, my advice to people who want to learn English is to not be afraid to join the adventures at am Language Studio. It is a very rewarding experience if you are going for work or for personal enrichment. If you have the chance to try it, you won’t regret. I strongly recommend to those who want to learn English to read a lot and speak, because the only way that your English will improve is by speaking or watching movies/series in English, it is very helpful.