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Minkyu Lee, Korea, November 2016
MAria Aviles / December 7, 2016

Minkyu Lee, Korea, November 2016
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I am Minkyu from Korea. From August I have studied English in am Language School, about 10 weeks. The reason I chose am Language School is the diverse ratio of people from all over the world. I thought living in a foreign country it would make me to speak more English. My teachers were Tessa and Kyle. They are really good and professional! They always helped me to correct my mistakes and made didactic and enjoyable lessons! My most memorable experience in Malta was the school excursion to Comino island, which was the most picturesque place in Malta I think. In this place, I spent valuable time with my friends on talking and sightseeing. Finally, if you are hesitating of studying English abroad because of the different environment, don’t be afraid and take the challenge. Although you may find some difficulties, your friends and teachers will help you to solve all the problems!