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Mijoung Lee, South Korea, November 2017
MAria Aviles / November 24, 2017

Mijoung Lee, South Korea, November 2017
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My name is Mijoung Lee and I’m from South Korea. I have been studying at am Language for two months.

The reasons why I choose this school are two: first, because my agency recommended me AM and the second reason was the cheap price.

At first, I started as elementary, but after a week I changed my class and now I’m at a pre-intermediate level.

For me, grammar is the most difficult part of English and I’m trying to deepen mostly this side. The time that I prefer at school is the speaking. Sometimes I study at home but usually, I prefer to take a nap or go out with my friends. I have eight classmates who come from different countries.

I enjoyed all the activity of the school like Gozo and Comino, salsa dance lesson etc. Every time leaders were smiling and friendly and I think that is so important and I want thanks them let me made good memories.

I can just say that if you want to enjoy studying English you have to choose AM!