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Michela, Italy, September 2016
MAria Aviles / October 5, 2016

Michela, Italy, September 2016
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Hi, I’m Michela, I come from Italy and I stayed in Malta for 3 months.
Each day I spent there was better than the last, and when it came time for me to board my plane to Italy, I wasn’t quite ready to leave.
am Language is an amazing school! I had the chance to improve my English not only through the course, held by a well prepared teacher, but also thanks to the internship I did at the Sales & Marketing office at the school.
The school gave me also the opportunity to travel all around Malta and discover the beauties of this little country, thanks to the Leisure Office that organises the activities for all the week!
Thanks to the lesson and the activities I met lot of people from all over the world, I learnt something about other cultures and I also had lot of speaking practise, so my English is much more fluent now and I can communicate with my international friends as I do with the Italian ones.
My life now is richer because all my new big friends are in it. We shared moments, we shared laugh, we shared tears, we shared everything for three months and I’ll never forget them! Guys, if you are reading it, just know that you’ve been the cherry on top!