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Mehmet Can ÇOBAN, Turkey, August 2015
Chris Knights / January 5, 2016

Mehmet Can ÇOBAN, Turkey, August 2015
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Hi guys. My name is Mehmet Can ÇOBAN and I’m from Turkey. I studied at Am Language School for 2 months and I m going to study 1 more month. I choosed Am School because my homemate advised it to me. First of all I was in Pre-intermediate class and now I’m in intermediate. Marlon S , Tessa A. and July were my teachers and I want to say to each of them”Thanks for everything”. Also my classmates and my roommates. Even if I moved 6 times , I met a lot of good heart friends. My most memorable experiances are Am Studios Welcome Parties and Gozo-Comino-Blue Lagoon tour for sure ! Who wants to learn English definitely they have to come to Am Language Studio. Thanks for everything.