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Matteo, Italy, November 2015
Chris Knights / January 26, 2016

Matteo, Italy, November 2015
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I’ m Matteo from Italy and I was in Malta for five weeks, now I’m back in Italy but I can’t forget my great time there.
I ‘d like to ask you when and where in your life, you can meet people from everywhere and share with them a period of your life.
I started to study English last spring because when I was at school I had studied German. When you study a language at school the results aren’t always good because sometimes you are not interested ,you are bored. Here if you want to meet people, you have to try to speak. It’s diffucult but fun and exciting.
All the people come to the school for the same reason, study and have a good time and so it isn’t difficult to make new friends, improve your own skills and enjoy.
Am school has been the right choice, my teacher was Seema, she worked hard with us all the time, sometimes I was lost, but she called me and I had to return in our lesson!! Seema loves her job and loves her students and that’s why my classmates and I were lucky.
After school a wide and varied group of leaders accompanied us all the time with many activities, every day there was something different and suitable for all. The boss and the leaders of these activities have been fantastic and amazing, you can’t get bored with them. I hope , Am School will always find leaders like these.