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Matteo, Italy, January 2017
MAria Aviles / February 3, 2017

Matteo, Italy, January 2017
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My name is Matteo. I live in Italy near Venice.I’m studying in Malta at AM Language for 1 month to improve my English for my work.
I chose am Language for three reasons: Firstly, their references are very good; secondly, thanks to my friend. He attended this school 3 years ago and thirdly, the classes are small, so you learn more.
I started the lessons at an Elementary level. Surely I will improve my English, above all, the speaking.
My first teacher was Francesca. She was very kind and always helped me.
My second teacher is Jonathan. He’s very good. He explains everything so well and his lesson are very nice. He’s excellent.
The most difficult thing, when I arrived in Malta, was to understand and speak English. It was very difficult for me. Now thanks to the school I improved my English.
The lessons are very nice and very useful, beyond learning English I learn about the origin of my classmates. They come from different countries. They are very good people, nice and fun.
Usually, after the lessons when I go to my flat, I do my homework. I study a lot of grammar to improve my English.
I attended some activities which were organized by the school. They are very good.
I’ll never forget this experience!!!