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Matteo, Italy, August 2015
Chris Knights / January 5, 2016

Matteo, Italy, August 2015
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I am Matteo and I come from Italy. I have been studying at Am Language Studio for 3 weeks. I chose to come here on my mother’s advices, she thought it would be a good idea. I started as upper-intermediate and I didn’t change of level. My first teacher was Tony, and I liked him because he was really friendly and easy-to-talk-with. Now I have Elin and she is nice too. The most challenging thing for me was Tony’s accent but my grammar is not so good, so I think it was even more challenging ! I really enjoyed the atmosphere during my lessons, it helped me to speak more. My classmates were interesting, because they come from different countries, they have different behaviors, different backgrounds etc.. And we got along easily together ! I learned some words from different languages, it was also nice ! I only studied at the school, not at home. I don’t have a memorable experience yet because I didn’t finish my holidays here in Malta but I am sure that in the end I will have a lot of good memories. My advice for you guys is: don’t speak your own language, and be crazy you are in Malta, you can afford it !