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Martina, Italy,August 2018
MAria Aviles / August 27, 2018

Martina, Italy,August 2018
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My name is Martina. I studied at am Language Studio for one month. I decided to do an English course at am Language Studio because a lot of friends told me very nice things about it. They gave me some information about the quality of the courses and the activities organized by the Leisure Department. When I started to take my lessons, my level was Upper Intermediate but I wanted to attain an Advanced Level, So  I will  probably return here next summer. My teacher was Sandro and he’s really professional. I liked the way he taught me and his way of socializing with  students. Listening activities were very challenging  but during the lessons we communicated a lot with each other so we were never  bored. I got on very well with my classmates. I learnt so much from them through team-activities and I loved the way everyone collaborated with each other. To overcome the challenging skills, I studied a lot at home, I used to do my homework and practise my listening and writing. I’ve done different activities but the most memorable experience was the Gozo&Comino Tour. It was amazing, The Blue Lagoon is a magical place and I fell in love with that crystal water. My advice for anyone who really wants to learn English is to not only  practise a lot of writing and reading but to also  speak as much as possible with other students because  this a very good way you to improve your language skills.