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Martin, Czech Republic, September 2021
MAria Aviles / September 30, 2021

Martin, Czech Republic, September 2021
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Hi everyone!
My name´s Martin and I´m 34-year-old education graduate from Olomouc (Czech Republic). I now work as a Geography, Physical Education and Computer Science teacher in Vienna (Austria).
The original idea was to study 6 weeks at AM Language Studio, so to spend my entire school holidays in Malta. Unfortunately the pandemic situation caused a change and I could come for 2 weeks.
For me it was important to find a professional langugage school with a broad offer of courses and leisure time activities as well.
I started at Upper-Intermediate level. I cannot exactly assess my level now, however I feel more confident and am not scared to speak English. I enjoy to use the English and search for opportunity to use my new skills.
This is a perfect moment to appreciate my teachers. I am relly happy to be teached by Anthea and Craig, motivated, good modded and professional educators. Every morning I was looking forward to spend a productive time with them.
The most challenging skill during my studies was the daily communication only in english without any opportunity to switch in an other language. It was demanding and a perfect way to improve my English.
In terms of my lessons I most enjoyed the congenial atmosphere not only in the class but also in the whole school from the reception to the leisure time animators.
I got on with my classmates really well from the first moment. Thanks to the support of our teachers and leisure time animators we got to know immediately at the first day and then we have developed it for the entire stay. I have imbibed a variety of approaches of life from people from all over the world. I left Malta with many contacts and a plan to meet them in the future.
I try to study every day. There are many ways to improve English – podcast, documentation, learnapp, speaking with colleages…
My most memorable experience in Malta is still live in my memories. I took part in Bowling activity. The evening was relly nice, but the highlight of the night was to see the enthusiasm and competitiveness of our teacher Philip, who played with us. He pushed us to play better and made an exciting atmosfere of this remarkable night.