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Marina, Russia, October 2015
Chris Knights / January 20, 2016

Marina, Russia, October 2015
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Hi! I am Marina and I am from Russia. I spent two unforgettable weeks in am Language School. I was studying at the Upper-Intermediate level and my teacher was Michelle P. She is the best teacher I’ve ever known! She gave us as much as possible and even more. It was difficult for me to speak English during the first days. But we had a lot of practice and slowly but surely I broke language’s barrier. Now it’s not a problem for me to express my opinion and thoughts. The most interesting things for me were games and other competitions between small groups. It was very funny and helped us to speak more fluently. These courses enriched me with new phrases, structures as well as new words. All my classmates were so positive, optimistic and cheerful! I like them all! I got so much positive impressions from this school, students, Malta! I made a lot of new friends and found the best friend for me. It was great experience because I changed my mind and saw the world from the other side and in another colour. My world view became wider. I also want to thank leaders because they make our holiday so exciting, attractive and enjoyable. Thank you, guys, a lot! I had a lot of fun! This trip was like dream come true for me:-) If you want to have a great holiday and learn English come to Malta to am Language Studio! You won’t regret it because this school is the best.