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Marilia, Brazil, February 2016
MAria Aviles / March 8, 2016

Marilia, Brazil, February 2016
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Am Language testimonial, Marilia from Brazil:

Hello! My name is Marilia Dantas and I come from Brazil, Recife. I have studied English in Am Language Studio for just 2 months, short and fantastique time. Firstly I decided to study English in Europe, then I chose Malta. I was looking for the best school, and I found a lot of good impressions about am Language Studio. Now, I know that I didn´t make any mistake when I decided to come to am. Definitely was the best decision!

I always follow my clases in Intermediate level and I learnt a lot. I have never missed lessons because the classes are dynamic, funny and interactive. The most challenging during my studies was speaking, because was the first time that I could speak English with other people flatmates, teachers, classmates, leaders and other students from differents countries. Was a pleasure meeting people with different culture that come from other places and speak different languages. This was the most memorable experience, just Malta Experience. I want to invite the rest of people to come to Malta and enjoy like me!!