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Marije, Holland, August 2015
Chris Knights / January 5, 2016

Marije, Holland, August 2015
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Hi, my name is Marije van Wetten and I’m from the Netherland. I studied at Am language Studio during 3 weeks. I chose Am Language Studio because it is not very expensive for what you get. They have great activities and offer good accommodation! I started 3 weeks ago at the level upper-intermediate. Now I’m still on that level, but I’ve learned a lot in those 3 weeks. My teacher was Michelle P. She is an amazing woman, who loves her work and students! Everyday she is full of energy and really wants you to learn something. Her lessons are never boring. We discussed a lot during the lessons, so we were talking all the time. In this way I improved my speaking skills. Michelle corrected me, when I used the wrong grammar. Writing was for me the most difficult part. For me it’s hard to use the right tenses and to write formal. Michelle helped me a lot with this. She checked my letters and corrected them. After that, we had a look at it together. Speaking in small groups about different topics was for me the best part. I like to hear about other experiences and stories. My classmates were really nice! After three weeks my class was totally different from the beginning, but the students were all nice. They were interested and had respect for you. I learned from them, when they made typical mistakes. I want to thank everyone from Am Language Studio! For the lessons and the activities! Especially the Welcome Party and Am Private Boat trip were amazing! The beautiful bays and the amazing people, I’m going to miss you!