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Mariella, Austria, February 2024
MAria Aviles / February 13, 2024

Mariella, Austria, February 2024
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Hello, my name is Mariella Bittner, and I’d like to share my wonderful experience studying English in Malta at AM Language School. I’m from Austria, and I spent two amazing months here.

I chose AM Language because I heard good things about it. People said it’s a great place to learn English, and I wanted to improve my English skills. When I first started, I was in the intermediate class, but it was really hard for me. So, I moved to the pre-intermediate class, and it was just right.

My teacher, Jean Paul, is from London, and he’s really nice. I like his teaching style because she makes learning fun. He helps us a lot and creates a good atmosphere in the class.

Speaking was the hardest for me at the beginning, but JP organized activities that made it easier. We did things like talking with each other and practicing conversations. It helped me get better, and now I feel more confident speaking English. We did things like playing games to learn grammar, and it was much more interesting than just reading from a book.

The school organized cool activities, and my favorite one was the Gozo tour. Gozo is a beautiful island, and we had a great time exploring it with other students. I loved seeing the beautiful views and learning about the culture. Another fun thing was the Make Friends – speaking club. It’s where we could talk and make friends with students from different countries. It was a great way to practice English outside of the classroom.

For those who want to learn English, my advice is to practice speaking as much as you can. Join activities and don’t be afraid to make mistakes – that’s how you learn. Malta is a fantastic place to learn English, so enjoy your time here!