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Marie, France, April 2017
MAria Aviles / April 13, 2017

Marie, France, April 2017
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My name is Marie, and I’m from Lyon, France. I’ve studied at Am Studio Language for three weeks. I’ve choose Am language because it’s in Malta. For me Malta is an interesting place because of weather and of its beautiful landscapes. When I arrived here my level was intermediate. My teachers names where Lucy and Caroline.  For me both of them are great, because they are always happy and smiling. We can learn many things in good mood. During my studies, the most challenging task for me was speaking, because of my accent. I’ve enjoyed talking with many others students. I’ve learned a lot with them. It’s very interesting to listen to people speaking about they’re country.  When I find the chance I always try to study at home. I enjoy watching movies in English and reading books in English. My most memorable experience in Malta was my last day. Me and some other students rented a car, and took the ferry to Comino. Over there we went for a little swim! On the afternoon, we have visited Medina, and tried Fontanella’s chocolates cakes. To learn English, my advice is to stay in a foreign country, and make foreign friends! Like this, you have to speak in English all the time! At the end, you can thinking and dreaming in English.