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Maria Paula Toro Espitia, Colombia, May 2023
MAria Aviles / June 15, 2023

Maria Paula Toro Espitia, Colombia, May 2023
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My name is Maria Paula Toro Espitia, I’m from Colombia, i studied at AM school for six months, I chose AM school because vivirse malta the agency recommend me one hundred percent because offers different schedules, in the morning, in the afternoon and in the night, and if you need to study and work at the same time is a best option.

I started in upper intermediate level and i finished in intermediate level. In the six months that i was in Am school I had different teachers, but the best teachers were Tanya, Jhonathan Sorrell and Philip all of them are good people to teach, explained very well and in the class included all tools to practice your writing, listening and speaking to make teaching more enjoyable.

I think the most challenging skill for me was the listening, because is my weakness. All lessons was funny and interesting because you know all the time different people of different countries.

Am school offers many activities, i went some times and i recommend one hundred percent.

In malta there are many plans to do, but i think the most memorable memories is enjoy a different cultures and know different people to improve your English.

Finally to all people that who would like to come to Malta i would give the advice of enjoy a awesome island and to do the activities that can most to improve your English.