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Margherita, Italy, December 2017
MAria Aviles / January 9, 2018

Margherita, Italy, December 2017
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Hello everyone! I am Margherita but my friends call me Marghe. I am from North of Italy, precisely, in the province of Varese. I live in Cugliate Fabiasco, that is a little village between Milan and Switzerland.

I studied at am Language Studio for six weeks. I was never absent, 5 days a week. The reason why I chose am Language is because I think that it is the best school to learn English in Malta. The lessons are really useful, you can learn a lot and at the same time, it is also fun.

My level is pre-intermediate. I was not able to get tested for the next level because it was already my last week when I was ready to do the exam.

I have learned a lot during my course. The grammar was the most challenging for me. Some parts were difficult to me, for example, the different tenses. I enjoyed the speaking activities the most. I liked it when my classmates were talking about their own cultures and countries, or when I was talking about mine. We were learning and discovering things about each other at the same time.

I really liked my classmates. They were all from different countries (South of Korea, Germany, Brazil, Japan, Slovakia, Russia and much more). They were very kind and friendly to me. We had a lot of fun.

My most memorable experience in Malta is the camping activity with the school. We went to Comino and we spent the night there. Another great experience was the horse riding. I also did that with the school. I will never forget these activities!

I enjoyed my time at am Language Studio to the fullest and I also improved my English. I have different pieces of advice for those who want to learn English. I would advise them to go to all the lessons and to talk only English. I would also advise to read a lot and to watch series/movies in English. And the most important is to not be ashamed, just talk without thinking about the mistakes that you can make!