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Margherita, Italy, August 2015
Chris Knights / January 5, 2016

Margherita, Italy, August 2015
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Hi to everyone! I am Margherita, I am 25 years old and I come from Italy. I have studied at Am language Studio for two weeks ( but I would have liked to stay there longer). Initially I have chosen Am School thanks to its very cheap prices; but now, after these two fantastic weeks I would choose this school for everything (lessons, Leisure, apartments and nice people that I met). I started from Intermediate Level and I liked very much lessons because we learnt grammar, phonology and a lot of speaking. Only in two weeks I improved my English. My stay was really short, but if someone chooses to stay there longer, he/she can improve and access a higher level. I chose General and Intensive courses and in both class I had two wonderful teachers ( Lucy and Danielle). Both had a very funny and useful way to teach English. In every moment they were helpful. My lessons were always funny and full of things to learn. In my class I met people that come from each part of the world: Turkey, Germany, South Korea, Brazil, France, Japan and other countries.. I learnt something form each of them. Everyone was friendly. Everyone had one goal: to get to know people around the world speaking English. I have a lot of wonderful memories linked to this experience in Malta. If I should describe this experience with one word I would say: FAMILY! From the first moment until the end I have been part of a big, funny, international Family, thanks to the helpfulness and cheerfulness of Am Leisure Team and Am Language School. So without doubts I suggest to everyone this school and this experience. It’s the most beautiful way to learn English and to open your mind. I have just one advice for everyone: don’t be afraid of choosing long time to stay in this school. Everything is so perfect that the time is never enough! THANKS TO ALL!