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Margaux, France, February 2017
MAria Aviles / March 3, 2017

Margaux, France, February 2017
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My name is Margaux and I come from a beautiful country, France! I have studied a week at am Language, then I lived for a month still at Sliema. I’m here thanks to my school and the Erasmus program, that chose a good school for me, and they are not wrong, it’s really good!
My English level was very low. I’ve improved a lot during this month.
My teachers, Andrew and Kyle were also very nice, very educational and always with a touch of humour in their courses.
I found the more difficult for me was listening because I lacked vocabulary at the time it didn’t help me in the construction of my sentences. And what I enjoyed the most in my classes was is the way to teach and learn. As for my classmates, they were very welcoming, pleasant, and also very funny. My advice for those who want to come to learn English is speak, communicate, read and watch movies in English, but above all enjoy to the maximum.
During this experience I was able to meet great people, lovely people that I won’t forget.
I could go to Gozo but also participate in the activities North of Malta, I love then for the beautiful landscapes. It was my first experience and I don’t regret it!
If I can I would like to live again such experiences and travel to other countries. I wanted to say thank you to the Leaders, because without them the activities and evenings would not be the same, they were able to set the good mood all the time.
I keep all these unique moments in mind. Unfortunately on Saturday I returned to France… I’ll come back!