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Marco, Italy, April 2016
MAria Aviles / May 5, 2016

Marco, Italy, April 2016
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My name´s Marco, I from Sicily (Italy) and I´m 19 years old. I have been to Malta for just 5 weeks, but I would like to live one year here. The reason is that I could find more job possibilities in Malata than in my town. Also, I want to learn English for my future. I chose Malta because is near to my home and the weather is amazing. I decided to study In Am Language Studio for my cousin Rosario, he was studing here last year and he advised me. Now, I can´t regret my decission, I´m so happy.
I can meet with a lot of different people. Is a huge pleasure meet everyday with flatmates, classmates and my close friends. I feel so comfortable when I try to speak English, but I have few problems in grammar. However, I´m working hard during my lessons with my teacher Lesly, she encourage me everytime. I´m sure that I´ll brush up my English next months.
I live at the school accomodation, it´s the perfect atmosphere. Everyday I cook for my flatmates and friends. I ´m so glad because everybody like my Italian food.
About Malta, is amazing place where I can learn English and enjoy at the same time. I´ve already visited amazing places, sandy and rocks beaches. I saw excellents sunsets, even I enjoyed too much the maltese nightlife. Sometimes I´m a little bite sad when someone go back to home but I can find new friends quickly.
Finally, I say thanks a lot for join me in my maltese experience.