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Lyes, France, September 2020
MAria Aviles / October 12, 2020

Lyes, France, September 2020
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My name is Lyes and I’m from France. I’ve been studying for 3 weeks. The decision to come to Malta was the best choice. I’ve met nice teachers and friends who come from all over the world. This experience makes me grow humanly and culturally. I’m really satisfied I came to Malta and chose Am Language school. My level is pre-intermediate and my teacher is Phillip. He is awesome. I guess he is one of the best teacher in the school. He teaches earnestly and enjoyably. The way he teaches is to mix English skills and cultural knowledge properly when we’re discussing topics in the class. My most challenging part of English is Grammar. Compared to my language, it’s the most difficult part for me. During the lesson, my teacher always corrects me whenever I make a mistake and he explains what the mistake is. So step by step I’m able to speak correctly. It makes my English skills improve day by day. My classmates are the best people I’ve met and I’ll in touch with them. In the future, I plan to meet them in their country. My best experience in Malta is every moment every second that I spent time at the school or in my apartment with them. In particular, I’ve really enjoyed school activities such as sightseeing around Malta, football matches, going to beach. They’re all memorable moments. I advise someone who want to learn English to come to Malta or go abroad and have different experiences. If you do your best, your English will improve naturally.