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Lyes Boukerroui, France, January 2021
MAria Aviles / January 18, 2021

Lyes Boukerroui, France, January 2021
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Hi! My name is Lyes Boukerroui and I am from France.
I’ve been studying for 1 year in AM Language.
I decided to come to this school to improve my English and get a better job, and came to Malta to change my life. I chose AM language because it’s a beautiful school and they have good teachers. Teachers teach English very well to the student so I can learn English every time, every day.
My level is pre-Intermediate now. I’m really enjoying my lesson with my teacher and my classmates! They’re so lovely, I can learn English but also discover new culture from various countries.
In my opinion AM Language school is the best school in Malta because there are a lot of students from all over the world, for example from Japan, Korea, France, Spain, Latin America, Italy etc.
It is really good for you because you can make a lot of friends. After my English course, I’m doing an internship at the school.
If you want to choose AM Language to study English, it is the best solution because you will study with the best teachers on the island and you’ll make friends. You’ll experience a lot of activities in order to discover Malta, you can do sports such as football, pilates, yoga and you can join various events with AM Language.