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Lydie, France, July 2015
Chris Knights / January 4, 2016

Lydie, France, July 2015
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My name is Lydie, i come from France, I study at Am Language Studio during 1 month. I chose Am language because the activities are not expensive and I had a meeting and discounts by CGOS. I’m a Beginner but I hope to improve my level before my departure. My teacher is Christine Grech. I like her way of teaching because she explains very well and with her lessons, I can feel that I am progressing. For me, the most dificult is speaking because I only had a few courses in France and I’m shy. My classmates are really nice, we all get along with each other. I learned a lot about their nationalities and countries, we exchanged about our cultures. I studied after the lessons when I was in my flat. I strongly recommend the school Am language studio because the teachers are really good and the activities are very cool. My advice is to watch movies in English and speak with other nationalities in order to improve your level.