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Lukas, Germany, July 2015
Chris Knights / January 4, 2016

Lukas, Germany, July 2015
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I have studied in Am Language Studio for 4 weeks. I chose am because of the cheap price, but I’m happy to study here because of the great activities and the good English courses. I began in the intermediate class, and I’m still there – but I think I’ve improved my English in the ‘normal’ Conversation mostly. My teachers were Robert and Lucy. I like Lucy, that she challenges the students and she brings a lot of fun in the class, because she talks a lot of her own experiences in the past. The most difficult for me is to talk about serious topics. Sometimes, I feel, that I don’t have enough vocabulary and it’s difficult for me to describe things – but that’s also the reason why I’m here. What I enjoyed most? The breaks – no, I’m just kidding. I prefer conversation-examples, because then I feel the progress. Grammar is really difficult. My classmates were all nice and sympathetic. I didn’t remember to find anything wrong. My last English lesson in school was 4 years ago and here in Malta. My most memorable experience here was the am boat Party, the Welcome Parties on Mondays and definitely the good weather. My advice for those who want to learn English? Come to Malta!