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Luisa, Italy, May 2017
MAria Aviles / May 16, 2017

Luisa, Italy, May 2017
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My name is Luisa. I am from Italy. I studied at AM Language for three months. I chose this School thanks to a friend who recommended it to me and because I read positive reviews about it on the internet.
When I arrived here my level was pre-intermediate and my teacher names were Andrew and Lisa. After two months I passed the test to change my level and now I am an intermediate student. My teacher’s names: Mandy, Caroline and Jonathan. For me all of them are great because they are always smiling and their method of teaching English is interesting.
Thanks to my teacher Andrew because he always believed in me, in fact I increased my level.
Jonathan is a very good teacher, he explains everything so well, he is excellent.
Lisa is a very nice person.
During the lessons I have improved my speaking, my grammar, my pronunciation and I increased my vocabulary. I have met good and polite classmates from different countries: Turkey, South Korea, Brazil, France, Germany and Russia. We talked about a lot of interesting topics, so we had the opportunity to exchange opinions and to know different cultures. After the lessons I studied at home alone or with my flatmates. My best experience was the School excursion to Comino Island. I met many beautiful people in a short time. The School organized a lot of activities, very funny and interesting, every week. I think that if you want to improve your English, meet fantastic people and live a wonderful experience, come to Malta and choose am Language Studio. It is the best way to learn English. I will never forget my experience in Malta!!!! Thank you everybody.