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Lucia Cozzolino, Italy, December 2023
MAria Aviles / December 7, 2023

Lucia Cozzolino, Italy, December 2023
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I’m Lucia Cozzolino and I’m from Napoli, Italy.

I have been a student at Am Language for about a month and I have also been in Malta for a month.

Malta was among my first targets because Italy is close to Malta. In line with my research, I chose Am language school, which I found to be good in education as well as its location.

I was pre-intermediate when I arrived. I can level up now, but I don’t think I will level up because I have a short time left and I like my teacher very much. I think I have things to learn in pre-intermediate.

My teacher’s name is Aris. I am very pleased with him. He explains everything in detail and explains the lesson to us in the best way possible.

The part I have difficulty with is grammar, but Aris helps us understand the subject better by giving us the necessary practice to understand it.

My favorite activity was the Golden Bay activity in the summer. Of course, every activity held in the summer was enjoyable in its own way. But my memories of the Golden Bay activity I attended will be unforgettable.

Since I didn’t spend too long in Malta, I didn’t have time to attend many events, but one of the unforgettable memories for me would be Golden Bay.

School is a very important detail and I think it is very important for you to be able to apply the subjects you learned at school to your general life. You should make a lot of friends and be exposed to different languages ​​and different pronunciations.