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Luca, Sardegna, July 2017
MAria Aviles / July 10, 2017

Luca, Sardegna, July 2017
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I’ve studied English for about 3 month from 8 April. I started for 2 month but later I’d decided to extend for another month!
I choose to study in I AM language because I have read a lot of good reviews, I like the positive location next to the capital to discover this island and I chose this school also for the dynamic and interesting activities program for extra scholastic!
I started in Pre-intermediate level but maybe I’ll try to pass the test. Last week.. Unfortunately I can’t try first because in the second month I’ve started to work and I only had a few times to study at home.
I’ve changed teachers almost every week, and I had the possibility to learn with different methods of teaching. But now I have Danielle a good teacher and a great woman! Anyway I have learned a lot also with Mandy, Caroline and Kyle it was a great experience.
I have learnt to overcome my shyness and to use grammar rules properly, for this I think that I’ve improved my speaking.
My classmates were of every nationality and I had the opportunity to meet and to know cultures of fantastic people from all over the world.
With this I can say that my first experience of studying abroad I had a very good time! I opened my mind and I learnt a lot! I suggest this experience to who as me want to learn, have fun and meet new people!