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Livia,Brazil,July 2019
MAria Aviles / July 9, 2019

Livia,Brazil,July 2019
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Hi, my name is Livia and I came from Brazil to study at Am Language Studio for four weeks. When I decided to come to Malta, I wanted a high quality school, receptive, with friendly teachers and staff…and I found this on Am language! This school really satisfied  my aspectations! I started in an intermediate level class. I had several teachers such as Sandro. His methodology is different from what I was used to, althrough I could identify the way he works and it was a great experience to learn Business with him.I also enjoyed the teacher Anthea, she has a lovely way to teach. She is friendly, patient and comprehensive. All classes with her were enyoyable like a tea with a slice of chocolate cake! I also had the chance to be taught by Richard. His methodology is the same as mine when I was a teacher. He takes care about all the details when you are speaking and writing. I felt confident in his class and I could be natural, which helped me to improve my English. The most challenging skills during the course were speaking correctly and writing articles with formal Business vocabolary. All classes are enjoyable and I can’t measure which one I most liked, although I appreciated the intensive classes with teacher Richard because of his teaching of how to pronounce the words and also his methodology. My classmates were amazing! We worked very good toghether like a team and we learnt a lot of things from each other. I studied everyday at home and at school after classes. This is the most important part to reach our goals! The most memorable experience in Malta was to get to know a new culture and meet people from different countries. If I can give an advice to learn English it is to come and enjoy every moment here, you will feel like being part of a family. Open your mind and breathe the culture. You will have a wonderful experience with the best team of teachers and staff!