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Levy, France, January 2019
MAria Aviles / January 23, 2019

Levy, France, January 2019
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Hello, my name is Levy and I live in France. I spent two amazing weeks in Malta during August. My passion in life is travelling. However, this year, I wanted to travel and improving my English. I chose AM Language Studio because I was watching TV with my family and we saw a report about students who were organizing holidays and lessons. I wanted that too! So, my mother, who was an English teacher, loved the idea and she told me about the organization which she was in contact with for her pupils. I came to Malta and it was like a dream for me. I joined the Upper-Intermediate group and my classmates where people from all over the world. I really liked that! My teacher was Davinia. We had nice discussions and debates about a lot of topics during classes. That was really good for me, because my most challenging skill is to be able to understand others. There are a lot of accents, which is not always similar to mine. But I liked to talk during lessons. This was a way to meet my classmates and learn from each other. They told me about their habits and customs. It is nice to see those differences in the world.
My most memorable experience in Malta was the Blue Lagoon in Comino. I will probably never forget that day. I drove the Jetsky for the first time on the clearest water that I have ever seen! I liked the party all night in Paceville. I can recommend everybody to go to Am Language Studio in Malta, and because of them I got the opportunity to learn and enjoy!! I had an amazing time and I hope I can do it again!