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Leo Chaney, France, July 2021
MAria Aviles / August 26, 2021

Leo Chaney, France, July 2021
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Hello, My Name is Leo and I am from France. I have studied at AM Language for 3 months. I chose AM because I heard a lot of good things about it and I’ve also tried different schools already which left me unsatisfied. I am currently studying at intermediate level in which I started. I first had Tania as a teacher and am now in Sandro’s classes. Both of them are very good teachers which dedicate a lot of time to support their students. I especially enjoy their their interactive way of teaching and choice of interesting subjects.

I was struggling with my speaking at the beginning but thanks to being able to spend a lot of time with other students I improved greatly! Apart from learning english I am also able to get to know different cultures from many different countries thanks to the diversity of the students. To be honest, I wasn’t really studying english before I came to Malta but I really appreciate it now that I’m here!

My most memorable experience in Malta is the gradual improving of my English language to the point where I can tell a joke and everybody understands and enjoys it. It was so satisfying!