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Lea, France, June 2016
MAria Aviles / July 8, 2016

Lea, France, June 2016
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Hi I’m Lea form France.I really enjoyed being at am Language : the number of people in the class can’t be more than 12 people so that it is easy to interact and to speak during the lectures. Moreover , my teacher, Michelle, is really good at entertaining you and you can hardly be bored , even after a night in Paceville ! As for the activities, I really enjoyed the Welcome Party : it really is a good way to meet new people and to get along with them. I absolutely loved the trip to Gozo and Comino, it is something you should definitely do. I do like the originality of the activities , as the planning switches every week. I’m looking forward to going to the French Night but I’m sure we are gonna have a good time. Thanks to the leaders for their kindness and craziness as well, and to my teacher!