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Laura Kaluza, Germany, October 2018
MAria Aviles / October 2, 2018

Laura Kaluza, Germany, October 2018
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Hello! My name is Laura. I had English courses in Am Language Studio for 3 weeks. I choose Am Language because my family members recommended it to me. My level is Upper-intermediate. My teacher was Michelle. She was really outgoing and joyful. I also had one more teacher who is Mandy, she was very helpful and obliging. For me most challenging skill was definitely grammar and the most enjoyable part about my class was exchange with other students about certain topics. I definitely learnt a lot of different cultures and lifestyles with my classmates. I didn’t learn something about English just in my class, sometimes I also studied at home. For me the most memorable experience in malta was all the new people who have become my friends. Finally, my advice for those who want to learn English is to practice, practice and practice.