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Laura Girard, France, August, 2018
MAria Aviles / August 27, 2018

Laura Girard, France, August, 2018
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My name is Laura Girard. I am from France. I have studied at am Language Studio for a month. I choose am Language Studio because the school is a reasonably price. I made a lot of research about language school and in my opinion was Language School looked better with nice rooms and lots of activities. My teachers were Mandy and Tania. I liked Tania`s class. She was always helpful, attentive and very kind. We learned many things whiles having fun. I enjoyed classes very much. I also shared and experienced many things with my classmates all over the world. I think the most challenging skill is speaking for me. I was very shy to speak in English with the french accent. Thanks to Malta, I am more confident. I enjoyed communicating with others and learned with by having fun. I learned a lot from the other students ¬†about themselves, their tradition, culture, laws. Particularly about Korea, Japan, Italy, Turkey, Spain. I studied also at home. I watched tv series all the time in English. I can not choose just one memorable experience in Malta. All days were memorable.The activities were all nice with amazing social coordinators in perfect atmosphere. Blue Lagoon, Blue Grotto, St. Peter’s Pool, Valletta. I did not know Malta before I arrived, but now I want to return as soon as possible. My advice to people who want to learn English is to not be afraid to join the adventures in am Language Studio. It is a very rewarding ¬†experience if you are going on meeting or for personal enrichment. If you have the chance to try it you will not regret it.