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Laura, France, February 2017
MAria Aviles / March 3, 2017

Laura, France, February 2017
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My name is Laura, I’m from France and I’ve just came back home.

I was able to contact the school of am Language thanks to my school and I’ll never thank them enough…

It was an extraordinary experience. I have improved my English. It’s not the same at all and I needed it for my future professional project

Thanks to my teachers, Kyle and Andrew, for the very interesting courses for 3 weeks, I had great classmates, we used to helped each other : My French team, Sasha, Enes, Illena, Vicenzo, Batou.

Thanks to the am Leisure Team for these wonderful moments: Serhat, Iago, Rita, Marta, Tugçe, Mehmet, Giuseppe. You made me live unforgettable moments in Footloose, Havana, Bowling, Gozo &Comino.

In Malta I met many other people I will never forget for nothing in the world : My little French Tifenn, my flatmates: Sasha, Emilliano, Daniel and Shamerdan. Then a small team that I found in Paceville Jacopo, Samuel, Roberta, Francesca, I don’t have the words to say how incredible you are.

I’m already planning to come back and not for 2 months only .. I want to see you again and I WILL SEE YOU AGAIN!