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Kotaro Kyoshi, Japan, February 2021
MAria Aviles / February 8, 2021

Kotaro Kyoshi, Japan, February 2021
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Hello, my name is Kotaro Kyoshi and I am from Japan. I came here to improve my English; I have been in Malta almost 4 months. I chose AM Language because there aren’t many Japanese students and because I prefer a small school to a big school.
I remember my first day in the school, I was in Upper intermediate class and now I’m still in the same class with my teacher Sandro.
In case I need to describe my lesson and my teacher, I can say it’s energetic and enthusiastic. I really enjoy it because it was like a kind of quiz with all the students of my class, very competitive. Furthermore I was surprised with other attitudes of commitment to success.
In my opinion, the most important thing is that I can appreciate and accept our difference of cultures. The power of acceptance is the point to build good relationships with classmates and the other people.
If you want to come to Malta to study English, the most important thing is that you need to feel a passion to learn!