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Kisu Seong, South Korea, January 2018
MAria Aviles / February 5, 2018

Kisu Seong, South Korea, January 2018
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Hello! I am Kisu Seong and I come from South Korea.

I decided to do a period of 5 months in Malta at AM Language studio.

I chose AM because I know that there are also Korean students who are learning English so I decided this school for that reason.

I started as an intermediate student and I hope I can improve my English.

My teacher is Daniele and I can say that she is a perfect teacher, I like her style of teaching and also her listening exercises help us a lot.

I realized that I improved my speaking a lot, better than what I expected!

What I most enjoyed in my lessons is talking to other students like me and learning from all the conversations which we share together. My classmates are so funny and kind!

I always make my homework at home so I can say I also practice English when I finished the lessons at AM.

My most memorable experience in Malta Is Paceville! Because I had a lot of fun in there and I could dance a lot! Many different clubs and music you can find!

My best advice for who wants to learn English in here is: Don’t speak in your first language! And try to meet people from others countries because like this you can improve easily your English!

Kisu Seong,